Desert information for kids

desert information for kids

A desert is a dry biome. It gets less than 25 cm (about inches) of rainfall a year. Deserts areas cover about 33% of the land on Earth and land surfaces. Improve your knowledge on the deserts of the World with fun facts for kids. Find out interesting facts about deserts for kids and learn more from DK Find Out. Check out our fun desert facts for kids and enjoy learning a variety of interesting information about the Sahara Desert, the Gobi Desert, the Kalahari Desert, the. The Smallest Microbe on Earth Things You Cannot See: Fun Desert Facts for Kids. A desert is a dry place that receives little or almost no rainfall. The Power of Plants Vegetables and How They Grow What is a Fruit, its Types and Eyes - Structure and Functioning. One Celled Organisms - The Protists. Hot deserts usually feature high temperatures in the daytime and cold temperatures at night.


Science Facts for Kids - Life in the Desert - Fun and Learn Series

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