Longest starcraft game

longest starcraft game

Red Bull eSports breaks down the longest pro StarCraft match in history Was the three-hour Challenger League match played on Tuesday. His last match against MaNa lasted nearly three hours making it the longest pro StarCraft II match in history at the time. In January he qualified for the WCS. Just saw this on reddit, thought I might share, let the hate flow through you B O Y S. It's the longest game I've ever seen, it made it a total length  Longest competitive match you've had so far.


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Log In Log In Register. Submit a new text post. There, he managed to maintain his Challenger League status for Season 2 , losing to Bly then placing 3rd in his group, with losses to ThorZaIN and MaNa and a victory over Bischu. Auto-Turrets combined with Point Defense Drones, which make his other units and the turrets tough to take down, make it nearly impossible for a Zerg player to break through without a lengthy war of attrition. As the tediously slow match dragged on, Hovmand tabbed out of the game and checked social media and Twitch chat. longest starcraft game

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